There comes a time when we have to relinquish who we think we are; to leave behind the person behind the masks. Masks keep you fear filled. Creates knots in your belly. They stop you from living a full life. It then usually means that you are not fully seen, you don’t bring all of yourself to whatever you are doing.

As I understand it, living this way is no picnic. Masks can be so burdensome, don’t you think? Constantly slipping, but we have a sense of when we want to let it go, like when the effort that it takes to hold it in place outstrips the effort to let it go.

For those of us longing to step out from behind the masks, there is usually a longing. There is usually a knowing that where you are is not where you are meant to be. Do you recognise the feeling?

I too have lived in that space. In fact, I know it intimately. When “the knowing” came, I knew that in order to live my most authentic life, it would require me to change, to embrace fierce self honesty, and to stare into the barrel of my own being. Over the years I had tried to do much of it by myself. I would take a one dimensional snapshot of my challenges and work on that. I would make some headway, but it was always limited. I found myself achieving goals, but not building lasting competences that held me.

I found out that looking at anything one dimensionally is extremely limiting. Life happens on multiple levels, domains and streams. You could say that when I began to view my challenges from multiple angles and perspectives, an amazing unfolding happened. I began to manage challenges differently and with more skill, I could establish clarity quickly and release that which was not serving my life. Self-deception disappeared and I developed increased competence in all areas of my life.

This journey, I privately call the “Warrior’s journey”, but through it all, I have been and continue to be held with tremendous skill, kindness and support.

It is this which I now bring to you; the gift of Integral Coaching. This is a way of exploring your emotions, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and intentions from multiple perspectives, enabling you to bring all of yourself to your life as authentically as possible.

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