Welcome! I’m Hazel Nathaniel-James

My name is Hazel Nathaniel-James, and I am a Transformation coach, based in London. I specialise in helping others to change their Mindsets and Habits for the better. An Examined Life is my vision and was set up in 2016.

I am accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  This accreditation is recognised the world over.

There is a particular way in which I approach what I do; it is called Integral Development.  Without putting too fine a point on it, I help you to strengthen all the areas of your life where you may struggle – creating more balance. 

I am also an inspirational speaker, a meditation teacher and a student of neuroscience; combining the wisdom of east and west in my unique brand of coaching.

My work is intended to empower people to empower themselves to live more meaningful, authentic lives.

Through my one-on-one practice, courses and retreats, I am honoured to help others give birth to themselves through relinquishing self-sabotage issues, healing their emotional wounds, addressing hidden causes of pain and to help move beyond repetitive patterns and habits of dysfunction.

I began my career in the corporate world after studying at the London School of Economics. My career in HR Management, focusing on people development and stress management, allowed me to travel extensively across Europe and Asia for the best part of 22 years. But, in 2004, I felt the call to develop myself further and enrolled at OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary London, where I became an ordained minister. Further studies continued with New Ventures West San Francisco and Third Space coaching UK.

However, after my years of working in the corporate sector, I realised that my work could help people from all walks of life and in 2006, An Examined Life was born.

I am a student of life, continuing to evolve psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Together, we can walk a path to empowerment so that you can truly take back control of your life and your choices.

Just as we have been given the power to create patterns of thought and action, so do we have the power to change them. Choosing which ones we want to continue and the ones we want to change or drop is an exercise in Freedom.

If you do decide to choose freedom, I am here to be a midwife and help you to give birth to a part of yourself you have most probably longed to meet.

Why I Do What I Do

There comes a time when we have to relinquish who we think we are; to leave behind the person behind the masks. Masks keep you fear filled. Creates knots in your belly. They stop you from living a full life. It then usually means that you are not fully seen, you don’t bring all of yourself to whatever you are doing.

As I understand it, living this way is no picnic. Masks can be so burdensome, don’t you think? Constantly slipping, but we have a sense of when we want to let it go, like when the effort that it takes to hold it in place outstrips the effort to let it go.

For those of us longing to step out from behind the masks, there is usually a longing. There is usually a knowing that where you are is not where you are meant to be. Do you recognise the feeling?

My Experience

I’m thrilled to work have worked with some of the following companies…