Jessica Pryce-Jones, Joint CEO; iOpener Institute for People and Performance, Oxford, UK

“Hazel coached me last year and it was a fantastic process. She got who I was and what I was struggling with very quickly, summarising her thoughts and feedback. Her work enabled me to take action and make some profound changes in my life, so I am really grateful to her. I have moved towns, changed jobs and found a much easier way of being. Thank you Hazel!”

Tessa Joseph, Journalist

“Hazel helped me to put so many things in my life into perspective and gave me clear ideas on how to make changes for the better. It was very empowering. I was able to phrase and put a name to (the different levels of intelligence) feelings and situations. The delivery of the Omega program was top quality, delivered at the right pace, the information was relevant, important, empowering, inspirational, reflective and provided so many answers to many questions I have about situations in my life. Hazel was articulate and the environment was always conducive to supporting the group. In particular, the meditation sessions were extremely welcomed and added to the quality of the program.”

Maureen Tuitt, Clinical Negligence Therapist

“I am so grateful to my creator for this opportunity to be at the right place to receive such a great teaching from an inspiring, authentic, insightful spiritual teacher. Her Omega program has enabled me to form greater relationships with first, Self and then others in doing so. I now have the ability to still my mind, to speak with clarity and to capture the essence of each concept as I move through life daily, momentarily being aware of the space I inhabit respecting Self and others always. The course is a life changer for anyone who would desire to attend to the higher spiritual faculties. A course for all, full of life giving tools that equip you to live your best life.”

Gareth Germain, Human Resources Manager, Chartered MCIPD, AFEX

“When I had the opportunity to be coached by Hazel, I wanted someone to help me to focus on taking my career and professional development to the next level. Hazel’s approach to coaching was really thorough, using all of her knowledge and experience. The Coaching Program which she designed for me gave me practical guidance on changes to make that helped me achieve my goals, it was fantastic. Hazel ‘s coaching showed me that for the best results professional and personal development go hand in hand and her holistic approach has helped me to achieve much more than I had hoped for.

“Hazel took the time to stay in contact through the Coaching Program and not only did she give me strategies for changing, but was there to support me and challenge me when I needed it so that I could achieve the real improvements that I wanted.
I found the whole coaching process with Hazel incredibly helpful and rewarding, I feel I have regained a much better inner focus and I would never have achieved such personal and professional growth on my own.”

Donna McFarlane, previously Royal Mail manager for 17 years.

“I was initially referred to Hazel via my older sister as she recognised that I was struggling with particular aspects of my life, and needed assistance to progress me.

“It was my first experience of going through Coaching. After our first session, Hazel’s assessment of me amazed me as I did not think someone could analyse me so correctly, even describing things that I did not recognise about myself; all done within an hour. From this, Hazel developed a programme for me, giving me methods and guidance of how to achieve my goal of changing my career and developing my self-confidence. This included some meditation which again was a first experience for me. I still continue to practice months after completing the Coaching programme. As the sessions progressed, Hazel was able to help me to divulge, analyse and change things that I initially thought were not impacting on my thought process and actions.

“Without Hazel’s intervention I believe I would not have developed myself to the point I am today, for me Hazel has given me the methods to utilise in other areas of my life, which I value very highly, as it is not only myself that can see what a positive impact the Coaching has brought into my life; my family and friends can also see the benefits I have gained. I also appreciate the help, guidance and support I have received from Hazel. This is an experience that I would encourage anyone to take.”