What I Do

One-to-One Coaching

Over the course of 10-12 sessions, we work together towards your development. I will support your commitment to building lasting competence, fulfilment and happiness. Over time, as mutual trust is established, our conversations become not just about the list of your symptoms, but a space is created where mutual advocacy becomes possible. This space allows for you to be held, so you can bring forth all facets of yourself; including vulnerability.

As my client you are assessed in a number of Streams of Competence; Cognitive, Emotional, Somatic, Relational, Spiritual and Integral. This is unique to each individual. I do not use a cookie cutter approach. Every individual is just that, an Individual.

If you are seeking to explore your personal development, to experience the courage, wisdom, the beauty and challenge of being fully alive, then please know you have my support in bringing that fierceness forth. 

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Online Courses

*Coming Soon* At An Examined Life, I am developing a series of Online Coaching and Courses to allow people to continue their work when face-to-face meeting isn’t an option.

We are also able to move our One-to-One Coaching to an Online practice to allow for anyone to participate in the work I do, so please get in touch to discuss the options available to you.

Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness in its most basic form is a way of connecting to all of life.  There is a presence, a life force, a universal law, that is never absent that each of us can connect to at any time.  You are able to access this through Mindfulness.  The experience is beyond words and even beyond some description, but when you are there you will know it.

Most people live their lives by being steeped in the past, or looking forward to the future.  They spend so much time looking back or forwards that they do not know how to be in the present moment.  Life is happening now; not yesterday (which has been) and not tomorrow (which is yet to be), it is happening now.

Mindfulness enables you to glean the most out of life, by being ever more present, on purpose and non-judgementally.  This is what builds Awareness.  Without Awareness, we are just floating through life.  Things then happen to us because of a lack of Awareness and before we know it we fall into victim-hood.  Now victim-hood can be a great big Crevice that can take an awful long time to get out of.  The practice of Mindfulness enables you to spot the Crevices and relinquish victim behaviour.  Like I said it IS a practice.  It may sound very simple, but it can also be a treacherous terrain which requires guidance to manage, and that is where I come in.

In the context of your health, Mindfulness is also a way of managing your health.  There is an abundance of empirical studies which explore the interplay of mind and body.  Everything that happens outside of us quite possibly happened inside first.  For example your stress levels will have impacted all your internal organs before you being to display anger, rage, resentment outwardly.  Now just imagine if you could control your emotions to the extent that it didn’t impact your health?.  Imagine if you could hold your head whilst all about you were losing theirs?  Not because it’s a competition but because you decide how to manage your inner as well as outer world, i.e. you do not allow people, place and things to manage you! Well, meditation can help you to do that!

I absolutely adore this practice.  Can you tell? But one more thing!

There is so much to explore with this practice, not least of which is its impact on ageing process! Scientific studies have shown that Mindfulness practice helps to protect DNA cell reproduction. A raft of studies showed positive effects of mindfulness meditation on your DNA; where those who meditate are actually ageing at a much slower pace than those who are not.

Please Get In Touch for further details of the 12-week Mindfulness with Neuroscience course and start dates.

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Meditation Courses

Over a series of weekly sessions we explore the purpose and benefits of Meditation to develop your life.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a healing technique that draws upon the life force energy to bring about change in oneself as well as others (Healing, Clarity, Openness, Potential). I am a Reiki practitioner 1 and 2. 

Reiki healing is focussed on the idea that humans are energy encased in human form.  Our energy flows from the chakra points located in our bodies with each Chakra responsible for a particular function.  For example you have a throat Chakra – this is responsible for communication.  If your throat Chakra gets blocked, you may experience problems with your throat or you may lose your voice.  As one Chakra gets blocked, it impacts all others.

As with other areas of life, energy can also get stuck and when that happens, challenges occur which may result in dis-ease, a poor mind-body connection, poor personal energy and vitality, accumulated stress, sleep disturbance amongst other things.

As an Integral Development Coach, I see clients whose challenges may be treated with Coaching technique bolstered by Reiki healing.  As a coach, if I recognise that a clients’ energy is blocked, I may also recommend some Reiki sessions.  In that way, we approach the challenge from multiple perspectives and in so doing, healing occurs faster and results are achieved quicker.

Benefits of Reiki:-

Stress relief

Deep relaxation

Improved sleep

Pain relief

Energy Nourishment

Strengthening of the natural self-healing powers of the immune system

A deeper connection with Source

Reiki support Personal and Spiritual Growth


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Group Coaching & Deep Dive Days

For those of you wanting to share the experience of coaching with friends, colleagues or family, Group coaching could be a perfect introduction. My group Deep Dive Days focus on a particular topic so we can fully explore the theme in question. Topics that we can focus on include:

  • Relationships
  • Loneliness
  • Mindfulness
  • Conscious Living

As a group, we will dive in to the chosen theme, work around the issues and challenges this presents and come away with a deeper understanding of ourselves and our peers.

To book a group coaching session, please Get in Touch.

HR Consultancy

I am available to assist you with your HR projects, using 25 years of knowledge in the field and experience working across CEMEA, SEMEA, US, UK and ASIA.

My areas of specialisations include:

  • Transformation Management
  • Management of complex ER issues
  • Leadership Development Coaching
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Change Management (Redundancy/TUPE), Project management
  • Talent Management and Resource Planning
  • Team Development
  • Facilitation of Action Learning, and
  • Coaching Circles at work.

Whatever you need I am able to facilitate, so that your team can have the highest quality executive coaching experience.

Please Get In Touch so we can discuss your needs further.