What is Integrated Development Coaching?

So What Is Integrated Development Coaching?

Integral Development Coaching is like an MRI scan for the things that happen inside of you such as your emotions, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and intentions. We all know that an X-ray can show you the outline of a human skeleton and our inner organs. It is a one dimensional image. On the other hand an MRI scan provides detailed 3D images and is used to “determine the cause of” or “to detect or assess”. It is one of the most advanced ways of taking sectional and cross sectional images of our body. It provides a highly detailed look at the human form. Cross-sectional images appear to open the body up, allowing the doctor to look at it from the inside.

It is in this way that the models and assessment tools used in Integral Development Coaching enables the coach to take a highly detailed look at your inner world. This holistic coaching approach creates a cross-sectional image of the conditions operating in your life, allowing for detailed evaluation and ultimately a diagnosis of the challenges brought by you. In short, this enables us to see all the many facets of your life that you bring.

I also want you to know that this is a mutual journey. I am fully acquainted with this way of living and being. Be assured that as a Certified Integrated Development Coach, I am able to in guide you in developing the competences required to meet what you’re facing. We provide a blend of challenge as well as support to help you to develop your increased competence in all areas of life.

What Can You Expect From Our Work Together?

You can expect to be met with kindness and compassion. The kind of questions you are asked and the intention in asking them will very often set the tone of our relationship. At the core of Integral Development Coaching is the idea that you are a human being, not a set of symptoms. I meet you at your level of being, not higher or lower. I meet you right where you are. Of course I am interested in your symptoms too, but I am also curious about who you are. I listen deeply to get a sense of who you are behind the symptoms. I want to get a sense of the conditions operating in your life and how you organise your life around these conditions.

As my client you are assessed in a number of Streams of Competence; Cognitive, Emotional, Somatic, Relational, Spiritual and Integral. This is unique to each individual. I do not use a cookie cutter approach. Every individual is just that, an Individual.

Over the course of 10-12 sessions, we work together towards your development. I will support your commitment to building lasting competence, fulfilment and happiness. Over time, as mutual trust is established, our conversations become not just about the list of your symptoms, but a space is created where mutual advocacy becomes possible. This space allows for you to be held, so you can bring forth all facets of yourself; including vulnerability.

I offer a blend of challenge and support. Both are required for growth and change. This integral way of meeting you is designed to be one of the most thorough and grounded methodologies of bringing about sustained behavioural change.

What Skills Will I Come Away With?

  • Develop increased competence in all areas of your life
  • You will learn skilful and elegant ways of meeting and moving through challenges
  • Get to know yourself and support your own growth
  • Learn how to self observe as a means of personal feedback
  • Prevent self-deception and lead a more authentic life
  • Learn how to meditate and develop your intuition (Conscious embodiment)
  • Release that which does not serve you
  • Establish clarity
  • Allow the next great version of yourself to emerge

You can expect this to be an on-going process, since our self assessments are just interpretations. As our interpretations, we change. This is where I create the space to bring about the change that you want.

If you are seeking to explore your personal development, to experience the courage, wisdom, the beauty and challenge of being fully alive, then please know you have my support in bringing that fierceness forth. 

Understanding Your Own Intelligence

As Integral Development Coaches we acknowledge that people have multiple streams of intelligence and that life is lived from your own unique level of intelligence. For example, there are some people who are focused only on Cognitive Intelligence. They study and pass many exams, but place them in a situation where Emotional Intelligence is required and they can struggle. Why? Because most of their knowledge in terms of dealing with life’s issues may be based purely on cognitive knowledge (often what they have learned at school), but Emotional Intelligence requires compassion, empathy and self-awareness. School does not teach that.

When you are presented with a challenge or a recurring breakdown, you tend to deal with it from your unique knowledge base. If you do not have sufficient understanding in the area of the problem you are experiencing, you will tend to struggle. Ultimately, breakdowns and challenges occur when you are required to develop in a stream of intelligence that you lack competence in. This breakdown is an opportunity to develop a new understanding and intelligence. Having competency means that you are able to take action that is effective and fulfilling.

I coach the person and not the issue. Together, we help you develop a new and deeper way of being in the world. All in all, this could include practices for self-observation, emotional nourishment exercises tailored to your needs, meditation and a whole raft of competence building tools, all of which is supported by many years of scientific research into Human behaviour. This Integral way of meeting you is designed to be one of the most thorough and grounded methodologies of bringing about sustained behavioural change.

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