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When Small Changes create Big Changes

We are full of them, whether we realise it or not.  We say we have them, but more often than not they have us.  What is this thing I’m describing?  They’re our Habits, and they drive our lives to the Nth degree, sometimes brilliantly, but many times not so and root us in a quagmire that […]


Sense and Senses

Sometimes we struggle to believe something unless we have proof of it through our five senses.   At one time in human evolution, the question was asked “are there forms of life that are smaller than the eye can see?” It did not make sense to us unless we could prove it through our five […]

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Fear and Courage

The Willingness to live our desires takes courage.  From early childhood we are exposed to other people’s ideas of who we ought to be and how.  It is usually backed up by television programmes, school and friendships as early as playground playmates.  As a child our identities are primarily shaped by parents who perceive us […]

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A Practice for Beginning

As I go within, I sit with full intention to clear away the crass, the irrelevant and the complicated which has been a barrier to my Freedom.  I know that within this temple there is everything I need to take the first step in any endeavour and to relinquish all fear, procrastination and what-if-ness. I […]