Today I choose to be vulnerable. I am open to experiencing my vulnerability for I know it is the first step in practicing Courage.  I don’t need to go anywhere or do anything.  I give myself permission to feel deeply all the things I care about and commit to act upon them so I may have a life well lived.  I know that to live a life well lived requires me to access my vulnerability and in doing so I choose to be courageous.  As a Warrior on this journey called life, I know that there can be no courage without vulnerability.  So today I choose to be Courageous; with my beloved, with my future and with all manner of unknowns that draw me to new frontiers.  I am willing to break the dead shell of yesterdays, to risk even when I am terrified.  No risk No Courage. So, I risk – for the deep privilege of being and feeling fully alive.  I am willing to be courageous as I lose myself to find myself.  I choose to love myself by being courageous.


And so it is.  Amen!