One to one

At AnExaminedLife, we provide skilled, rigorous and compassionate support in dealing with human challenges in life and at work. We know that life does not always flow smoothly and so we make ourselves available to opening the door to your full potential.  We are committed to providing rigorous support and nourishment where and when you need it most.

As Integral Coaches we acknowledge that there are multiple streams of intelligence and that life is lived from your own unique level of intelligence.  Because of this, we consider you to be a unique unfolding of life itself and so all the work we do with you is tailored for you not for someone like you.

This is what we know and acknowledge; you come to us because you have a challenge that you cannot solve yourself, if you did know how to solve it, you would not seek us out.  Immediately we know that something is required to change, be discovered, improve and or mastered so you can have the tools to live your best life.  We do that…..with aplomb!

We empower you develop a new and deeper way of being in the world.  Welcome!


Team Development

At AnExaminedLife we also develop teams.  We are aware of the phenomenal power of teams and what they can add to an organisation – if they work harmoniously and have the skills to deliver.

We offer team coaching and development through Action learning.  We believe in Action learning because it provides an avenue to develop or improve new skills, perspectives and awareness about oneself, others and the organization (e.g. listening, speaking, questioning, observing, assessing, working as a team).

Action learning also increases cross- functional knowledge and understanding of corporate level issues because of the diversity in the responsibilities, experience and background of team participants.

We know (empirically) that this is a powerful way of learning by using discriminating questions to support others in thinking creatively about the complex issues they are facing. We support this by creating Coaching circles in order to create a safe and non-judgmental environment, a tight learning community that enables people to tackle real issues with honesty and humility, and to play their management and leadership role in more effective and meaningful ways.

Let us have a conversation about how we can build your teams into a powerhouse!

We train Management and Leaders on contemporary management and leadershiptechniques.  We teach how to set the stage to create and deliver great results by developing Emotional Intelligence.  Emotional Intelligence has been said by the foremost teachers in the field, to be the number one asset that any manager or leader can hold.  Here is what one of the greatest teachers in the field says about EI.  Daniel Goleman is a professor in the field of Emotional Intelligence.  He says “Without it, (EI) a person can have first-class training, an incisive mind, and an endless supply of good ideas, but he still won’t be a great leader.”

This is the point at which we come in, because we know full well that cognitive intelligence alone will not create a good or great leader.  Emotional intelligence competencies are learned abilities.  Abilities such as the drive to achieve and emotional self-control, both of which build on underlying EI components like self-management. Self-awareness is one of four EI domains (the others: self-management, social awareness and relationship management).

We work with managers and leaders to build high levels of competence in all the afore-mentioned domains so you can deliver your best every time.

Many leaders and chief executives are often frustrated by how their personal effectiveness is perceived by their teams. This frustration is amplified by not knowing how to take this hurdle.

Do you wish to know THE scientifically proven predictor of outstanding leadership?

Recently, I worked with a chief executive who had poor interpersonal relationships with his direct reports. He relied solely on intellectual knowledge and ignored all other resources available to him.

Above all, he was unable to see himself objectively. He was unable to observe both his own emotions and those of others.

What he urgently needed was to use his Cognitive Intelligence together with Emotional Intelligence. The combination of these two modes of understanding leads to outstanding leadership.

Why was this exposure to Emotional Intelligence necessary for this person?
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Many executives are so immersed in their daily tasks that they crash and burn without advance warning.

Did you know it doesn’t have to be so?

Do you know how to observe yourself and spot when you are going to step into the arena of crash and burn?

Do you know that you can avoid it?

In the video, I showed you how I was able to help a senior executive with whom I worked for an 9 months and who had been off work for 9 months prior to starting work with me.

How did I help him?
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Do you know one of the best predictors of success at work and personal fulfillment in life?

Here is what happened when I worked with a chief executive to build a greater level of personal awareness, which in turn transformed his level of effectiveness in leading his organisation.

For 12 months we worked on mastering mental and emotional processes.

I trained him in Mindfulness techniques to build his levels of self-awareness.

I trained him to enhance his abilities to monitor his own feelings and emotions and to observe those of others.

I taught him to enhance his abilities to self-correct unhelpful behaviours, to guide his own actions.

Briefly put, I worked with him on Mindfulness.

Why were those practices necessary?
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“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of Resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. It’s true on the cancer wards, it’s true at the Olympics, and it’s true in the boardroom” – Dean Becker

A business, like a person or any other living thing, must grow and adapt to be able to live. If it stands still, it dies, sooner rather than later.

Resilience is the indispensable ingredient for personal, team and business growth.

So, what is Resilience, how is it made up, and why do your teams need it?

Let’s dive straight in:

The 3 Characteristics of Resilience
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Do you need a coach? That’s a very good question.

Here is a question that will help you answer yours:

Do you want to live life by Default or do you want to live life by Design, by Unleashing your untapped potential?

If you are even thinking about moving from life by Default towards life by Design, then you need a coach.


Let me show you what happened when I worked with a UK HR manager who wanted to work out of Europe.
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You love your sibling. You want to be like her because she has everything you hoped your life would have but doesn’t. She is happily married with four children, has a beautiful home with a white picket fence; the lot. She is outgoing, gregarious and fun. Your diary is full of making yourself available to your sibling. She is able to live life fully because you make it so. You also resent the hell out of the situation.

Time to be yourself. When you say that something has to change, you must know that it will have to begin with you. Free will is the source from which your life stems. What conversations are you having in order to bring about your life? Every ‘yes’ and every ‘no’ is a full sentence. It can either open a door or close it; it can create possibilities for conversations or limit them. Siblings can add to or take away from your life, but only if you let them. Resentment has its uses, but they are limited. It informs us that where we are is possibly not where we want to be.


Yes. How many times have you said that word and not meant it? How many times has it diminished your life, whilst you watched another’s circumstances flourish; because you said it!

No. So many of us are afraid to say it! So worried we won’t be liked after saying it. But you know, the word can be a blessing onto our lives. It is transparent in its intention. How many times have we heard someone say “which part of “n” and “o” don’t you understand! This full sentence of “No”, has the power to define, clarify, confirm and transform. I’m not talking negotiable No’s here!

Maybe the next time you find yourself feeling resentful/living someone else’s life/wanting someone else’s life, try examining your ‘no’s’ and yesses. It may help you to be fully yourself because you know what everyone else is taken.