Firstly, goals are never just Personal.   Why? Because our lives are never just about us.   We all have a “vibe” and everything we think and do impacts others around us. So, the attainment of goals or not impacts us and those closest to us.

When you say “ How can I set Personal Goals”, I would respond “Goal setting for the sake of what?”.  You’ve got to know Why you want to set a goal.  Your “Why” will be your Driver.  If your “Why” is not big enough, makes you hungry enough, puts a fire in your belly enough, then I suspect you may not follow through with what you have to do.

Goal setting is sometimes more than just “Goal setting”.  Every month or year, people set goals and do not follow through.  How many times have you set a goal (at New Year) and by March you haven’t even taken the first step to making it happen.

So I ask; “Goal setting for the sake of What?”  If you are unable to answer, then we need to have a convo.

If you CAN answer, this is what I would ask you (and that is just to start).

  1. What Intention is at the back of this Goal
  2. Now that you have an Intention, what are you to pay Attention to?
  3. For example, if your Intention is to experience Financial Freedom, are you paying attention to your spending habits?
  4. For example, if your Intention is to be more assertive at work, are you paying attention to your ability to practice your non negotiable “No’s and non negotiable “Yesses”?
  5. Intention and Attention work hand in hand for goal setting and goal achievement
  6. When you can answer 1-4, you are ready to start

If you have a look at 1-4 again, you will see that what is often required for successful goal setting and successful goal achievement is the mastering of Habits.  Behind 3 and 4 is the requirement to change a habit.  Lets talk to see if we can create achievable goals for you, together.



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