We train Management and Leaders on contemporary management and leadershiptechniques.  We teach how to set the stage to create and deliver great results by developing Emotional Intelligence.  Emotional Intelligence has been said by the foremost teachers in the field, to be the number one asset that any manager or leader can hold.  Here is what one of the greatest teachers in the field says about EI.  Daniel Goleman is a professor in the field of Emotional Intelligence.  He says “Without it, (EI) a person can have first-class training, an incisive mind, and an endless supply of good ideas, but he still won’t be a great leader.”

This is the point at which we come in, because we know full well that cognitive intelligence alone will not create a good or great leader.  Emotional intelligence competencies are learned abilities.  Abilities such as the drive to achieve and emotional self-control, both of which build on underlying EI components like self-management. Self-awareness is one of four EI domains (the others: self-management, social awareness and relationship management).

We work with managers and leaders to build high levels of competence in all the afore-mentioned domains so you can deliver your best every time.

Many leaders and chief executives are often frustrated by how their personal effectiveness is perceived by their teams. This frustration is amplified by not knowing how to take this hurdle.

Do you wish to know THE scientifically proven predictor of outstanding leadership?

Recently, I worked with a chief executive who had poor interpersonal relationships with his direct reports. He relied solely on intellectual knowledge and ignored all other resources available to him.

Above all, he was unable to see himself objectively. He was unable to observe both his own emotions and those of others.

What he urgently needed was to use his Cognitive Intelligence together with Emotional Intelligence. The combination of these two modes of understanding leads to outstanding leadership.

Why was this exposure to Emotional Intelligence necessary for this person?
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Do you know one of the best predictors of success at work and personal fulfillment in life?

Here is what happened when I worked with a chief executive to build a greater level of personal awareness, which in turn transformed his level of effectiveness in leading his organisation.

For 12 months we worked on mastering mental and emotional processes.

I trained him in Mindfulness techniques to build his levels of self-awareness.

I trained him to enhance his abilities to monitor his own feelings and emotions and to observe those of others.

I taught him to enhance his abilities to self-correct unhelpful behaviours, to guide his own actions.

Briefly put, I worked with him on Mindfulness.

Why were those practices necessary?
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