The work that we do is simply “Heart” work.

We hold others with and from the Emotional centre of our beings.  Feeling another (without touching), holding another (energetically), touching another (vibrationally).  That is what we do.

We are the midwives to holding the ache, the sorrow, the joy, the courage, the peace.  When a beloved sits before us with “their story”, this opens a gateway into the interior landscape of both teller and listener.  An unfolding begins to occur in the telling of the story and the conscious contemplation of both beloved and midwife.

We hold a warning and a promise in the same energetic space; the consequences of moments of deep intimacy with themselves, with another and with the world.  We hold the beloved in being present with their joy and sorrow, with longing and desire, as layer upon layer of themselves, ourselves and the world are revealed.

We cannot know in advance what this revelation will look like or what action it will inspire or compel us to take.  Personally, I have circled moments of anticipated intimacy with my own desires, catch the scent of portended change on the wind and promptly shut down my emotions for fear of what it would call upon me to do in and with my life.  Having based parts of my life on truths that no longer hold, the changes that deep intimacy with self evoked looked very dangerous.  It is terrifying to watch one’s life structures crumble and fall.  It forced me to ask, “Who am I now without these stories”?

We cannot tell in advance which aspects of our carefully constructed sense of self, if any will survive.  However well-intentioned or unconscious, if we have lived our lives from a place of being asleep to ourselves, the idea of giving birth to a new self is a total knee trembler.

The beauty in doing this work is the recognition at some point of that which life wants us to know, we have been exposed to and we can therefore re-gift to another by way of our heart when they sit before us.

As midwives, we have often touched our own sorrow as well as our joy.  We cannot promise that the journey to birthing your ‘self’ will be easy.  Opening ourselves to living intimately with the world is not a selective process where we are in control of every experience.  And so it is that as “the beloved” sits before us, we know they have taken the first step towards revealing the next layer of their lives.  We know that they are seeking this thing that is calling their name; there is a hunger present.  When we are able to help them to acknowledge this hunger within themselves, once they are even able to taste the possibility of touching the meaning enfolded in their lives, they can never be content with just going through the motions.  Learning cannot be undone.  It is at this point that transformation begins.

Our hearts can sense, see and feel the courage of another human heart.  It is from this place of Heart that we hold all that matters; again and again, even when doing so seems to the human mind, unbearable or simply impossible.  We are here to give birth to a deeper intimacy with our lives and our world and with Heart we open gateways for others to do the same.