What if we loved our children so much, we encouraged them to make as many “mistakes” as possible?

What if we got out of our own way and just allowed them to Be?

What if, instead of being Mother Protector, we threw off the cloak and became Mother Observer?

I once posed these questions to a friend who was trying to protect her only son from moving in with a divorcee who had two children. “but she’s lived her life” my friend said of her sons girlfriend. “that could be the biggest mistake of his life”.

The thing is one person’s perception of a mistake is another person’s idea of the wisest thing to do. Just because your experience of life has been seen through a particular set of lenses does not mean that is how life is. Have you ever wondered whether you are seeing life as it is, or whether you are viewing it as you are?

What would happen if you changed your lenses and saw that those ‘mistakes’ is just “Life” happening?

What would you feel if you were to cross the threshold of allowing some of those ‘mistakes’ near your kids Terrifying to think that we can gestate life, bring forth a life and yet let life has its way?

What if, we are loving our children so much that we actually get in their way? After all do we not learn our hugest lessons from our biggest ‘mistakes’? So why do you stop your child from learning?

What if we just observed from a place of love?

What if we dropped the judgements when our child is about to embrace yet another thing that we disapprove of?

What if we did that on purpose?

What if we encouraged living life fully from the get go, and stopped modelling our parents, our grandparents, repeating pattern after pattern in the name of love?

What if we dared to not live up to the remits of our community, church, alumni?

What if we dropped the masks regarding what people would say?

Oprah has “aha moments”. What if you faced the “OH BOY” moments and really asked yourself “What if”?

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