Ever wondered how Intentions come to be?  It happens like this.  The thoughts inside of you are shaping what and how you do what you do with your life.

That is the first step to forming an Intention.  Actually thoughts can be considered ‘forms’; something that takes on a shape.  Since no thought can exist without a certain level of Awareness you can say that your thoughts display/disclose your level of Awareness.  What creates your awareness?  Your consciousness does.  This is made up of beliefs, feelings, cognition, knowledge, attitudes and emotions.  Phew and you thought that Intention was just, well, an Intention.

So what gives birth to Intention, how do we act on it?  It’s the energy within us that propels us to act. So you can say that our thoughts are propelled by energy and it begins to form an intention.  Since you are never really separated from your thoughts, it might be true to say that Intention creates EVERYTHING you do.

It may surprise you to know that you are not a Static system.  You do not act involuntarily as if someone else is pulling your strings (not usually anyway).  Everything that occurs in your life occurs because on some thought level; you have made it happen.

What you feel, what you think, how you behave, what you value and how you live your life reflects the way that you are shaping the thoughts (energy form) that come from you.

Pick wisely.

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