Contrary to the well-entrenched scientific dogma of decades ago, you have much more control over you may know.

For example, we may wonder how we “always” get sick on holiday, but hundreds of studies now conclude that our minds’ are the true supreme orchestrator of the mental, emotional, and physical wellness of the body.

Every thought, emotion, and feeling that we have forms a feedback loop with our neurochemistry. As we go about our daily routine, the stimuli we encounter creates within our brain lightning-fast neurotransmitters which then attach to ready and waiting receptor cells and neurons.  Combined with your emotional state, chemicals then get created either letting your body know it’s party time or “I’m unwell and it’s not happening” time.

Your emotional barometer also corresponds with positive neurochemicals like those linked to so called “runner’s high”, like endorphins, norepinephrine, antioxidants, and immune system boosters.

Your thoughts and emotions are like the trigger that makes things happen.  Being aware of what thoughts are present for you at any one time can make a huge difference wellness/unwellness, happy/sad.  How to control this?

Luckily, the highest solution exists within you – Self awareness. What is the key to achieving so called “Self- aware Mastery”? Meditation.

Meditation – Don’t just do something, Sit There!

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