Scientists believe that our brains generate more than 50,000 thoughts per day. The problem is, for most of us, our minds feed us useless, fear-based, past/future narratives that make no difference to us in the present moment.

The same stale, repetitive thoughts about not having enough, not doing enough, and not being enough make us feel inadequate, powerless, and helpless.  To compound the problem, we create even more resistance by attaching good/bad labels to our incoming thoughts.

The world-renowned founding father of analytical psychology, Dr. Carl Jung, perhaps put it best, “what you resist, persists.” This monkey mind effect creates a stress-based downward spiral, opening the door up to anxietydepressionaddiction, and a long list of disease.

So how do you quiet Monkey Mind?  

Luckily, meditation is the very best method of quieting and stilling the mind. Meditation teaches you to be mindful of your incoming thoughts – to be aware of your inner monologue. It transfers power away from the busy, “monkey mind” to the slow, deep, profound Pre-frontal Cortex (responsible for clarity and decision making), allowing you to think more clearly and creatively about everything happening in your life.

Eventually your dominant level of consciousness will be calm yet powerful, where your true potential can finally shine through.  Your highly beneficial meditation sessions will effectively eliminate whatever stress your cells are currently holding in, while preventing all future stress from snowballing into anything unmanageable like anxietydepression or any other disease.

With medical science making it obvious just how damaging stress is to your overall health, it is easy to see why this age-old practice has now become a common practice.

Meditation –“Don’t just do something, Sit There”

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