You can expect to be met with kindness and compassion. The kind of questions you are asked and the intention in asking them will very often set the tone of our relationship. At the core of Integral Coaching is the idea that you are a human being, not a set of symptoms. We meet you at your level of being, not higher or lower. We meet you right where you are. Of course we are interested in your symptoms too, but we are also curious about who you are. We listen deeply to get a sense of who you are behind the symptoms. We want to get a sense of the conditions operating in your life and how you organise your life around these conditions.

Over the course of 10-12 sessions, we work with you towards your development. We support your commitment to building lasting competence, fulfilment and happiness. Over time, as mutual trust is established, our conversations become not just about the list of your symptoms, but a space is created where mutual advocacy becomes possible. This space allows for you to be held, so you can bring forth all facets of yourself; including vulnerability.