Integral Coaching is like a CT scan for the things that happen inside of you such as your emotions, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and intentions. We all know that an X-ray can show you the outline of a human skeleton and our inner organs. It is a one dimensional image. On the other hand a CT scan provides detailed 3D images and is used to “determine the cause of” or “to detect or assess”. It is one of the most advanced ways of taking sectional and cross sectional images of our body. It provides a highly detailed look at the human form. Cross-sectional images appear to open the body up, allowing the doctor to look at it from the inside.

It is in this way that the models and assessment tools used in Integral Coaching enables the coach to take a highly detailed look at your inner world. This holistic coaching approach creates a cross-sectional image of the conditions operating in your life, allowing for detailed evaluation and ultimately a diagnosis of the challenges brought by you. In short, this enables us to see all the many facets of your life that you bring.

I also want you to know that this is a mutual journey. I am fully acquainted with this way of living and being. Be assured that as a Certified Integrated Development Coach, I am able to in guide you in developing the competences required to meet what you’re facing. We provide a blend of challenge as well as support in aid developing your increased competence in all areas of life.