As Integral Coaches we acknowledge that there are multiple streams of intelligence and that life is lived from your own unique level of intelligence. When a client presents a challenge or a recurring breakdown, it is clear that he is dealing with the challenge at the level of the competence that he knows. If the level of competence was appropriate for the challenge there would be no breakdown. So we are aware that human beings tend to be more developed in some streams of competence and less developed in others. We tend to experience breakdowns in life because our life situation demands development in a stream that we lack competence in. This breakdown is an opportunity to develop a new competency. Having competency means that we are able to take action that is effective and fulfilling.

As my client you are assessed in a number of Streams of Competence; Cognitive, Emotional, Somatic, Relational, Spiritual and Integral. This is unique to each individual. We do not use a cookie cutter approach. Every individual is just that, an Individual. So we meet you right where you are.

As you can see this process is rigorous and thorough. It is also demanding. We coach the person and not the issue. We help our clients develop a new and deeper way of being in the world. All in all this could include practices for self-observation, emotional nourishment exercises tailored to your needs, meditation and a whole raft of competence building tools. You could call it Integrated Development.

This holistic approach offers a blend of challenge and support. This integral way of meeting our client is designed to be one of the most thorough and grounded methodologies of bringing about sustained behavioural change.