We are available to add support to particular projects.  We are available to assist you with your HR projects, using 25 years of knowledge in the field.

We are experienced in working on HR projects across CEMEA, SEMEA, US, UK and ASIA.  Our areas of specialisations include Transformation Management, Management of complex ER issues, Leadership Development Coaching, Stakeholder Management, Change Management (Redundancy/TUPE), Project management, Talent Management and Resource Planning, Team Development, Facilitation of Action Learning and of Coaching Circles at work.

We also teach Mindfulness at work!

We are able to bring every aspect of AnExaminedLife expertise to you.

You’re Welcome!

At AnExaminedLife we also develop teams.  We are aware of the phenomenal power of teams and what they can add to an organisation – if they work harmoniously and have the skills to deliver.

We offer team coaching and development through Action learning.  We believe in Action learning because it provides an avenue to develop or improve new skills, perspectives and awareness about oneself, others and the organization (e.g. listening, speaking, questioning, observing, assessing, working as a team).

Action learning also increases cross- functional knowledge and understanding of corporate level issues because of the diversity in the responsibilities, experience and background of team participants.

We know (empirically) that this is a powerful way of learning by using discriminating questions to support others in thinking creatively about the complex issues they are facing. We support this by creating Coaching circles in order to create a safe and non-judgmental environment, a tight learning community that enables people to tackle real issues with honesty and humility, and to play their management and leadership role in more effective and meaningful ways.

Let us have a conversation about how we can build your teams into a powerhouse!

“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of Resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. It’s true on the cancer wards, it’s true at the Olympics, and it’s true in the boardroom” – Dean Becker

A business, like a person or any other living thing, must grow and adapt to be able to live. If it stands still, it dies, sooner rather than later.

Resilience is the indispensable ingredient for personal, team and business growth.

So, what is Resilience, how is it made up, and why do your teams need it?

Let’s dive straight in:

The 3 Characteristics of Resilience
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