Entries by Hazel Nathaniel-James

What if..

What if we loved our children so much, we encouraged them to make as many “mistakes” as possible? What if we got out of our own way and just allowed them to Be? What if, instead of being Mother Protector, we threw off the cloak and became Mother Observer? I once posed these questions to […]

Sense and Senses

Sometimes we struggle to believe something unless we have proof of it through our five senses. At one time in human evolution, the question was asked “are there forms of life that are smaller than the eye can see?” It did not make sense to us unless we could prove it through our five (limited) […]

This Masquerade…

Are we really happy here With this lonely game we play Looking for words to say Searching but not finding Understanding anywhere We’re lost in a masquerade The words of this song by Leon Russell come to mind everyday whilst observing commuters at the train station, on the tube, waiting at the bus stop. The […]